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How I Overcame Overwhelm with Organisation in my Business

How hard is it when you are busy in your business to stay busy working for your business even when the way you are working isn’t working? Wow – that is a tongue twister! Say that five times fast, for me it took an outside person to teach me a new way, as the way I was working was not sustainable or healthy.

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Top Free Printable Planner

Free KanBan Planner for Freelancers

Working on my time management and designing to more solid timeframes. Creating timelines has been a nightmare for me in the past when things get busy, the work gets delayed which in turn throws everything off.

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graphic design agency wollongong

Case Study Yes Hair Australia

Graphic Design Agency Wollongong Yes Hair Services: STRATEGY  BRANDING PACKAGING Image Credit Rachel Tagg Image Credit Rachel Tagg Image Credit Rachel Tagg Image Credit Rachel

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Sunfolk Branding by The Brain Child

Case Study Sunfolk

Logo Drawing Sunfolk Services: STRATEGY  BRANDING Introducing SUNFOLK – the latest must-stay holiday location to hit the shores of the South Coast, NSW. Thoughtfully designed

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Website Wollongong

How I Deal with Criticism Online – Practice of the Practice Podcast

Owning your own creative business is full of interesting design projects, you get to work with amazing people and collaborate with your industry peers whom you admire. We can work from where ever has a strong wi-fi signal, we can be flexible with our working hours (which has been a life-saver for me with a growing family) and just being a creative full time is a dream come true.

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