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No one likes reading a self-serving page of someones awards and accolades so instead, let’s highlight what it will be like to engage with Jade, the designer and founder of The Brain Child.

Expect open and honest communication with the self-taught designer who explains things in an easy to understand vocabulary (no tech talk here!) with vast amounts of experience in design, sales, marketing as well as motherhood; raising two little ones alongside her design studio means she understands her clients on many levels.

Friendly and professional, expect to gain so much more from the designer / client relationship as what Jade offers is care, community and collaboration. 

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Core values

The core values are the why behind why behind The Brain Child and the driving force of its growth.

To Collaborate

To collaborate with the business community by organising thoughts and visualising a better way forward with design.

To Care

To care by inspiring and empowering people to start their own business and follow their dreams.

To Contribute

To contribute to the world with creativity and making things a little more beautiful.

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“Jade created for me a logo I could not have dreamt of it is perfect. She also designed my whole website which is, not only easy to use, but also lovely to look at. Meeting Jade at our initial consult was like catching up with a friend, she even offered practical business advice. Could not recommend highly enough for all your design needs.”
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“Jade is incredible, I had no idea what I wanted to create but her unique process draws it out of you so perfectly, to really help your brand be a representation of you. She was so thoughtful & encouraging during what can be a stressful process & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone & everyone.”
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"Working with Jade open my eyes to many different options, and also I enjoy the ride even in this crazy time of COVID-19. She always was very patient, and our communication was very fluid. I can't recommend her enough for you. She will make your dream brand a reality."