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ChatGPT for innovative web design in Sydney | 50 Ideas for Small Business

ChatGPT for innovative web design in Sydney As a graphic designer, I have found ChatGPT to be an invaluable tool for my business. It has ...
website content planner

Is Your Website Design Struggling? Transform it with Our Free Website Content Planner!

Looking to create a successful website that effectively communicates your brand and drives conversions? Start with a website content planner! Our free guide, The Ultimate ...
Brand Strategist

The Intangible Value of Branding | A Brand Strategist Perspective

You see, a brand is so much more than what you see. Today, I want to discuss the intangible elements, not the things you can ...
Get Back to Work - How I stay Motivated

10 Problems People Have With Their Web Designer and How to Avoid Them

Expectation vs Reality - an anti-climatic tale as old as time. Knowing what you are getting will hopefully guarantee you satisfaction with your web designer.  ...

The Dangers of Pre-Made Logos

As with most things in life, things that are free they tend to have a hidden cost and this is true with the popular Canva. ...

What is Brand Identity? 9 Steps to Create a Memorable Brand

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service ...
Accomodation Logo Design

Iconic Logo Drawing for AirBnB Business

Logo Drawing Sunfolk Services: STRATEGY  BRANDING Introducing SUNFOLK – the latest must-stay holiday location to hit the shores of the South Coast, NSW. Thoughtfully designed ...
Website Wollongong

How I Deal with Criticism Online – Practice of the Practice Podcast

Owning your own creative business is full of interesting design projects, you get to work with amazing people and collaborate with your industry peers whom ...

How I Overcame Overwhelm with Organisation in my Business

How hard is it when you are busy in your business to stay busy working for your business even when the way you are working ...

How to Give Feedback to Your Designer – Design Talk for the Non-Creatives

How hard is it when you are busy in your business to stay busy working for your business even when the way you are working ...
Graphic Designer Desk

Ease Back into Work & Staying Motivated – Working from Home

When that laundry hamper is bulging, the floors need cleaning, the dog needs walking and the empty fridge and the still-to-be-unpacked boxes in the study ...
Top Free Printable Planner

Free KanBan Planner for Freelancers

Working on my time management and designing to more solid timeframes. Creating timelines has been a nightmare for me in the past when things get ...
Free Digital Downloads by Jade from The Brainchild

So good to have you here!

Writing down my thoughts on topics in my industry is so therapeutic for me and with ten years of experience I have some stories to tell and tips you might really find useful.


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