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The Brainchild is a full service design studio elevating brands beyond visuals

A female-led studio attuned to the unique challenges women in business face. Determined to interpret your ideas into practical money-making brand assets so you can work smarter and get busy livin’.

Together we will unearth your unique strategy, and your custom blueprint to build an aligned business.

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brand identity

Brand Identity

Shaping a powerful visual identity through research, positioning, and the development of practical brand guidelines for consistent implementation.


1:1 Consulting

This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it's about achieving your specific goals through personalised guidance and creative problem-solving.

Desire-Based Marketing Strategy Planning

marketing strategy

Desire-based marketing that highlights the true potential of your brand story and attracts the right customers, driving real results for your business.

Photoshoot Direction

art direction

Developing visual concepts and providing on-set art direction for photoshoots, e-commerce visuals, illustrations, and animations.

print design

print design

Creating packaging, printed brand collateral, engaging editorial and book layouts, impactful signage, and strategic print campaigns, all seamlessly managed through print production.

Digital Design

digital design

Website and e-commerce design, mobile app UI/UX, social media branding, and newsletter layout expertise

print design

product design

Designing functional and beautiful physical products with impactful custom packaging from concept to creation

custom illustrations and patterns


Brand identities, packaging, and campaigns come alive with custom illustrations and captivating patterns


Websites Supporting Locals & Sustainability

Carbon Neutral Websites for Purpose-Driven Brands

For every new ecommerce website built at The Brainchild 50 trees will be planted.⁠ Partnering with the good folk at TreeProject as a corporate sponsor. Donations go directly toward helping reconnect homes for threatened species like Koalas by planting Manna Gums in Victoria, Australia. ⁠

Let’s turn web design into a force for good that neutralises its own carbon for years* to come. ⁠

*Exact years of carbon neutrality may vary, as every site is a unique story.⁠
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"With a keen eye for design and a heart full of encouragement, Jade will be your biggest cheerleader."

Founder of The Brainchild, Jade Rennie is a Creative Designer, Brand Strategist and an Award-Winning WordPress Website Designer.

Many designers struggle to bridge the gap between aesthetics and strategy. Jade excels at guiding passionate entrepreneurs through a refined process that uncovers the core of your business story. It’s not just about you.

Technical expertise is a given for Jade. But her true value lies in her ability to forecast your business needs and design solutions that propel you forward. She understands the unique energy of each business and harnesses it to create a product or website with a clear roadmap for growth.

The Brainchild’s success reflects Jade’s evolving approach. As the studio grows, she’s increasingly sought after as a coach. She empowers clients to work smarter, not harder by aligning their personal brand with a powerful visual identity that’s a true reflection of who they are and what they stand for.