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Sunfolk Colour Palette
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Introducing SUNFOLK – the latest must-stay holiday location to hit the shores of the South Coast, NSW. Thoughtfully designed for families and wedding groups that desire a relaxed stay but with all the convenience and a love of designer details.

Tia, the part owner of Sunfolk was a super organised client and got in touch before the home was even built. We discussed the Currarong area of NSW, Australia and her brand vision.

I wanted to see her interior inspiration which helped clarify how the design of her branding would look, as when someone mentions their design style is ‘boho’; this can encapsulate a broad range of interior styles! Best to ask for visuals during the design ideation stage.
Mentioned use of linen, leather and wood was also on my mind while designing.

Sunfolk Accomodation Branding
Image Credit Rachel Tagg
Sunfolk Accomodation Branding
Image Credit Samuel White
Branding for Air Bnb Property
Image Credit Samuel White

Working through brand strategy before getting stuck into the brand design is a recipe for a successful brand. Strategy guidelines are important to ensure consistency of the customer experience! Working closely with Tia I drew out a unique selling position for her business that will help her stand out from her competition. 

After identifying their ideal customer and creating personas for them, I then created a customer journey detailing their experiences and how Sunfolk can step into a user experience focussed host. 

Each brand strategy document will be customised to what the business needs and in this case, Tia and the team needed an AirBnB write up and social media bio. I also supplies targeted hashtags for continued growth locally.



I see this branding being ahead of the design curve, leaving behind the handwritten type of branding style and heading toward the typography style.

The colour palette inspired by the Mediterranean interiors, nature and the idyllic coast line of #Currarong The colour palette is natural but with a small amount of that bright splash of orange. I know it is bright!! I feel the palette needed that pop of colour to liven it up.

  • Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.
  • Green is a very down-to-earth colour. It can represent new beginnings and growth. It also signifies renewal and abundance.
    The combination with the calming neutral/green hues creates a nice balanced palette.

I really like the vintage feel it has. The final result is a unique design with a hardy mix of retro cool and folk with the incredible type by @violaineetjeremy



Sunfolk walked away with an in-depth branding strategy guideline with copy they could plug and play for use on their socials and accommodation sites. They also received social media templates as their chosen extra design.

Their logo suite contained the main logo with tagline, main logo without a tagline, tagline, logo mark, logotype and submark designs. Each design available in a range of their brand colours for freedom of use on any background. 

Outlined usage for what logo style and colour to use can be found in their brand guidelines that are a part of the branding creation package.


I’m so proud of this and I can’t explain in words how amazing it was when I saw images of the space, it was a long wait. I feel like the branding is 100% on track to rocket launch this business to hit their goals and will carry them forward for many years to come. 

Would certainly recommend The Brain Child! Jade was phenomenal to work with, she definitely knows her stuff and created the perfect branding for our Holiday House - SUNFOLK! Thanks again Jade x