Free KanBan Planner for Freelancers

Free KanBan Planner for Freelancers


Working on my time management and designing to more solid timeframes. Creating timelines has been a nightmare for me in the past when things get busy, the work gets delayed which in turn throws everything off. This year I am determined to make a change by making it really clear at the start when feedback is expected. Another idea is to make calendar events to share with clients to be able to remind them, and me, of what is coming up. I would love to hear any tips or advice that has been working for you.

I’m a huge list maker, I enjoy crossing out tasks once I finish them. It’s the little things, right?

It’s good to have an overview of the working day so you can see what your availabilities are (if any!) for new work and who you need to chase up. Last year I was using a Kikki K to-do list but it wasn’t quite right. I had to make another column to be able to use the KANBAN technique. I’ve been on the hunt for a printable planner that has the layout and a minimal style. Trawling through Pinterest I found some amazing free printables but none that were quite right. So, I’ve whipped up this A4 printable daily planner and thought I would share it for free with you, who might also like it.


Daily Kanban Planner


To talk you through the planner, we have a time blocking area which shows a break down of the day by the hour so you can block out sections of the day for work, appointments or meetings. Then we have working on, waiting on and a brain dump section. I like to add in the brain dump sections things that are on my mind that I don’t want to forget, or I want to add it to another day. Notes are at the end where you can write down anything that happened that interfered with getting through your working on tasks. There is a cute little area for hydration, so you can cross out or colour in the drips as you drink a cup of water.

I hope you like it, you can download the A4 planner via the link below. Printing on coloured or textured paper means it will suit your style. Don’t forget to tag me over on Insta of you using this planner.


Daily Kanban Planner – Download here.



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