How I Overcame Overwhelm with Organisation in my Business

How I Overcame Overwhelm with Organisation in my Business


How hard is it when you are busy in your business to stay busy working for your business even when the way you are working isn’t working? Wow – that is a tongue twister! Say that five times fast, for me it took an outside person to teach me a new way, as the way I was working was not sustainable or healthy.


I’ll paint you a picture, I was staying up till midnight working and that was the norm, there was growing distance in my marriage and my health was suffering. My anxiety was at an all-time high and what exercise? Who has time for that? I was dedicating all my time to my clients, which was terrific for them and it was probably how I grew so fast however, this ‘hustle’ was not sustainable for the long term. I understand that with deadlines looming and holidays approaching we need to put in the hours and sometimes that eats into our night time, I still have the occasional late night or full-on week where I am tearing out my hair with a painful client.


I started my business for the freedom it would bring not to feel like a slave to my desk. So what changed?

I saw an online course called Organise and Automate and the advertising spoke to me. It was like the modules were created exactly for me and it honestly has changed my life.



Nesha Woollery, the creator of Organise & Automate and founder of The Simple Business Podcast asked me if I could speak on the subject.


Here is an excerpt of her article below:


Could you manage 8 clients at once… with ease??⁠

That’s what Jade does, the designer behind The Brain Child Studio (and also a student in my course, Organise & Automate.)

Jade had her business for 1.5 years before she decided to organise it, and in that time she booked plenty of clients… but had no systems or structure in place. As a result, she felt like she was always slaving for her clients, trying to be everything to everyone.

She felt totally overwhelmed, had zero confidence in her process, and worst of all – she felt like she looked unprofessional to her clients. This then gave her a MAJOR sense of imposter syndrome – the, “who am I to actually charge these people money??” kinda feeling.

Then she organised her business and everything changed.

Read more of Neshas blog article here:

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