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Yay, you’re here!

Welcome to The Brainchild family and congrats on investing in yourself and your business. 

I know how significant that decision can be and I’m honoured you chose to work with me. I promise I’ll take great care of you. To help me do my best design work, I’m going to need a little help from you. Sound ok? The following information will help make sure our working relationship is smooth sailing. 

Any questions after reading? Pop me a message and I’d be happy to help.

Ok, let’s go!

Here’s what you’ll find on this page.

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no. 1

Communication & Timelines

To support my creative focus and protect my boundaries around work and family, please take note of the following:


  • My availability: Weekdays (except Wednesday) 10 am – 4 pm
  • Meetings: I’m available for video calls on weekdays (except Wednesday)
  • Communication method: Email or via the project management tool if you have been added to one. All emails will receive an automated response to let you know I’ve received it and I’ll respond promptly within these hours.


  • To keep your project tracking on time, please provide feedback on your designs within 3 business days. If for any reason you need extra time, please get in touch with me as soon as you can so we can make a plan.

no. 2

The Design Process

Branding Design Process

This is the design process for branding:

Website Design Process

This is the design process for website design and build:

VIP Design Day Process

This is the design process for how a typical VIP Design Day:

Client Homework

To kick off our project together, you’ll need to:

1. Create a Pinterest board

Create and fill a public board with inspiration for your brand and send me the link when you’re done. If you get stuck, you can always pin from my design boards. Keep the board active until our project is complete. Pinterest not your thing? Just search Google for images that resonate with how you want your brand to feel then upload them to the ‘Pinterest’ task inside our project management tool. 

2. Do your homework

You’ll receive a link to complete a brand questionnaire. Fill it in as best you can to help me understand your goals and style.

3. Provide your website content (if you’re booked for a website build)

I’ll need all your website content and photography before I start the project so I can keep to timelines. You can upload these files to a shared Google drive or Dropbox folder OR simply email it all through to me. 

no. 2

Payment Policy

Payment of the commencement fee books your spot in my schedule. This payment is non-refundable after 7 days. 

Milestone payments for the balance are due on certain dates, not on project completion. For example, 50% upfront, then 50% in 30 days. Payment terms are 7 days. Bank transfer and all credit cards are accepted. Please see your client portal for all the details.

no. 5


Can’t see your question below? Get in touch.

This can vary depending on the time of year but on average new projects are booked a month or two in advance. I support a select group of clients at once to provide you with the best kind of service and outcomes. Get in touch to find out the first available date.

A branding project usually takes around 2-4 weeks and websites can take up to 6 weeks. Both projects involve thorough questionnaires, brand research and my signature desire-based style of design and other factors that are a core part of my process. It’s why my clients keep coming back! ✨ The timeline can be influenced by how many revisions are required and whether feedback has been supplied in a timely manner.

Short answer – Strategy.

Strategy always comes first, it’s the foundation of your business. Without a solid foundation a beautiful brand identity is vanity investing. Branding and your website is designed based on said strategy. 

I’ve found my clients get so much more longevity and impact from their brand, website and marketing if they have first done the strategy to fully understand their audience, the deeper desire and their brands unique messaging and style.

Once we meet and decide we’re a good match, you’ll be issued a non-refundable invoice for the deposit amount. This will need to be paid to book in your project and secure your spot in my calendar. To get the earliest availability and to avoid disappointment I recommend you don’t sit on paying this earlier rather than later. The balance will be due at the final design point or at the project’s set end date. No final design files will be shared until final payment is received. Payment plans are available for larger projects and these will be due at key milestone dates during the project.

 I accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex credit cards via Stripe, Bank Transfer, PayPal and a good ol’ fashioned bag of cash if you have it. 😉

Go for it.

I will see you in a year when you are ready to truly invest into your business with a unique design that is created just for you and your business goals. Having said that, I’ve been at this design game for a decade and building my design business for eight of those years. The transformation my clients experience by working with me suggests the investment is worth it (and then some!).

 Once you’ve paid your deposit, you have 7 days from the day payment clears to change your mind. After this date, your commence fee is non-refundable but you can of course choose not to proceed – I will cancel the project. 

The reason why your initial deposit to secure your booking is non-refundable is simple. It is for the time already spent working with you.

What? We haven’t even begun!

Wrong, I have already started onboarding you as my client. I have:

  • Organised specific information you have requested on my services and prices
  • The time spent during our discovery meeting
  • Creating your proposal based on your budget and custom needs for your business goals
  • Scheduling you into my calendar
  • The admin time spent following you up to see if there is any hesitation or questions


All of this takes time.

I am a one-woman show, I don’t do time wasters; I think it is the ultimate show of disrespect.

If life throws your a curve-ball PLEASE TELL ME I promise I will understand. The deposit will still be non-refundable however, I could make that a credit note for a later date if you need.

 Please use the contact form to get in touch. Once we have a project in the works, I may move you to a project management tool. It’s important to respond to my emails within 48 hours to keep the project on track, and the energy flowing; otherwise your timeline can blow out or you may lose your place in the queue. It happens and I hate having to be the bearer of this news as it sucks… I hope you can understand why it is important to be available. 

All copy is to be supplied by you if you have not selected this add-on in your proposal.

If you have selected copywriting as an add-on I will write your SEO-rich copy based on your brand strategy.

If you have added the image bank option as an optional add-on in your proposal, I will be curating a selection of images from free stock image directories inline with your business and the strategy behind your brands messaging.

If you have not selected the image bank option all images and videos are to be supplied by you, or your photographer and are due before we begin the project.

I can recommend photographers as well as paid and free stock image directories so you can DIY.

No. I don’t provide WordPress hosting but I can arrange hosting through companies I recommend. If you choose to upgrade to a website maintenance plan including support, I can arrange the hosting on your behalf.

If you already have hosting organised that is absolutely fine I will use what you have if they are a reputable company. Usually you get what you pay for but I will give you my honest opinion on this during the pre-work stage.

I do build all websites in line with best SEO practices and optimised for search engines. I offer a 3 month SEO package post launch if you are interested in serious growth. We will work together developing a long-term tailored SEO strategy based on your budget, goals and what is logically achievable for your industry.

Unless you’ve opted into ongoing website support with me, then that would be you.

All my websites are designed with you (my technically awkward friend) in mind. A drag and drop page builder will be your best friend when it comes to making edits, adding pages and managing your website. You’ll have access to a video library that shows you how to manage your site completely by yourself.

I won’t leave you in the lurch if you need me – you can always get in touch and I will book you in to  troubleshoot for you at a consultation/hourly rate. 

Supported clients get prioritised care and a grandfather* rate.

*Grandfather pricing model offers existing supported clients the opportunity to keep their current subscription rate while new customers are subject to a higher rate.
  • Monthly phone and email support *limits apply
  • Website core file & database backups
    • 30 days through your hosting plan
    • Daily backups are saved on a secure cloud storage using Amazon S3 infrastructure
  • Monthly virus and malware screening
  • Bi-Annual theme updates – or as required with plugins
  • Quarterly site improvement recommendations – WordPress updates
  • Capacity for 20 minutes a month on-site content updates