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Recommendations are so important for small business and would love to hear an honest review of your experience.

Written testimonial questions below

Video testimonial questions below

Videos evoke so much more trust than written testimonials, as we have all read businesses glowing reviews and thought to ourselves – “did they just write these themselves?” If you are able to answer the following in short video taken on your phone or via a desktop publication like Zoom and then send via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Phase 1

What were you struggling with before working with me?

How did you feel at the time?

What thoughts and worries were going through your mind?

How did it make your partner/family feel?


Phase 2

What hesitations did you have about hiring me?

Were you concerned about the investment?

Were you concerned about hiring the right person?


Phase 3

What was The Thing that made you decide to hire me?

Can you remember how you found me?


Phase 4

What would your life/business be like now if we hadn’t worked together?

Would you say it was a worthwhile investment?


Phase 5

What is your life/business like now we’ve worked together?

How do you feel about your brand/website now?

Have you seen any results in sales/opt-ins?