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A total branding overhaul after 10 years in business

Erin from South Coast Party Hire reached out to me after trying to find a designer that was aligned with the style she was hoping to achieve with her businesses rebrand, and hiring local was really important to her. We hit it off immediately and talked kids, home reno's and then about her design needs. After ten years in business rebranding it can be costly as you are having to replace all current signage, uniforms and the rest. I think Erin is a superstar and has been amazing to work for and also ask business advice from. Her rebrand is something I am really proud of, all in all it took around 3.5 months from start to finish for her new branding package, website and brochure. The website is largest site I have designed to date and the brochure is simply stunning with the raised spot UV feature on the cover. I feel confident that her rebrand is now aligned with her businesses voice, quality of their service and products. Collectively we have recieved amazing feedback from it and I can foresee increased sales from her ideal audience.