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Brand Logo Designers Near Me

Introducing ZIMMER. – A proudly Australian owned boutique parfum house dedicated to creating unique fragrances for both men and women for everyday use. The team approached me after trying to find someone local that could also pull off the effortless minimal style they were seeking. Understanding the importance of strategic branding and how it can make or break new business they went the whole hog and signed up for strategy, brand design and website.

When you have a strong foundation everything just works better. After the in-depth competitor research and analysis we discovered the pricing structure had to increase to match the market, this is so incredibly insightful to new business. Here are a few screenshots of the guidelines the team at ZIMMER. took away including their mission, vision and positioning statement, brand imagery and customer avatars. 

Strategy Mockup
brand board zimmer

Pulling in from their questionnaire and inspiration, this sans-serif font features minimal elements with the line breaks. Clean, modern and engaging this type works well for the brand as it gives off a creative and sophisticated air. The full stop is a little square as it worked better with the minimal aesthetic.

The icon is made by reworking the letter Z in a creative way, this could be featured
on the box, website and other marketing material as a design element.

I’ve used lower case rokkit, a serif font for this brand, an ideal accompaniment to the sans-serif brand font. The lower case font gives off indie-house vibes whilst still resembling established.

Image Credit Hayley Haynes

Their brand colours are a neutral mix with black and white being their main combo with a touch of tan and grey for some warmth. A colour palette that wasn’t gender specific to allow the brand to be widely accepted.

– Ink Black is a practical, neutral and sophisticated – there is a reason why the major luxury brands opt for a simple black logo colour. It is timeless and goes with everything.

Cool off-white soft, neutral (again) and open and inviting – there is so much variation with whites, if you have ever tried to choose a white paint colour you would know! This off-white is still a cool-white but less clinical than a pure white.

Image Credit Hayley Haynes

Amazingly before their product launch the team managed a marketing win by becoming the major sponsor for this branded black beauty driven by Brett Hobson in the 2021 GT World Challenge at Phillip Island!!⁠