Simple Skincare Packaging and Label Design


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Deborah Gardiner




To rebrand an existing local natural skincare brand on the South Coast, NSW and step it up a notch with consistent, cohesive branding aesthetic.


Keeping the AE initials in  a warm handwritten font and layered in front of a gradient circle has given us our icon. The leaf adds that touch of nature, this beautiful skin and haircare line has no nasty chemicals, petrochemicals or sulphates and we wanted that to play a part in the logo. Once the logo was finalised the labels where the next up on the agenda. We created some icons to portray the ethics side of this brand. 


A lot of the layout of the labels was able to be moved across from the old labels – but the new logo and icons on the front side really gave this packaging that step up that they where craving. We are so happy with the entire finished result and making the clients super happy makes our day!

“Thank you for your incredible rebrand ❤ we are so impressed with the whole design journey.”

"Deborah, Owner"