Shop Revamp with Signage in Huskisson


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Liz Anderson




White Earth signed the lease to a great space in Huskisson, NSW unfortunately the tired old butchers left a lot to be desired. In steps The Brain Child to the rescue!


Paint. Paint everything! I designed a mock up in Photoshop for the look we wanted to go with. Wood panels and a lot of black paint to cover up that worn red and tired old shop door = winning combination. Also, the wood flows through with their business ethos – ‘raw products derived from the earth’.


What a difference a touch of dark paint, some wood panels, greenery, a team of professionals and great branding can make! 😉 What was once a butchers is now a head turning boutique in the heart of Huskisson, NSW

I am soooo grateful xxxx more than in love xxxxx SOOOOOOO grateful to you and your amazing creative flair, patience and continued support.”

"Liz, Owner"