Colour POP Business Cards, Brand Identity and Marketing Goodies


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Design Space Australia


To design a simple and slick branding identity for a new architecture drafting business.


Keeping to our minimal loving style, we have used the initials DS of Design Space Australia and used that to be the icon in this design. We discussed branding colour as they wanted to stand out, so we mentioned using a colour way where we rotate with a set pallet. It’s a fun, new modern way to let your brand show how unique it is and adaptable. Much like how Google switches up it’s homepage daily, Design Space Australia could have their business collateral background colour change with the season.


When we received these from the printers, the design idea really did come to life. When we where able to hold them and show the colours all working harmoniously together. These cards are a real people pleaser and conversation starter! 

“Thank you to The Brain Child for getting the design just right for us, we love it.”

"Claire, Owner"