Citrus & Sage Label Design


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Citrus & Sage




Rachelle, self-proclaimed concoctionist of beautiful blends for use around the home using premium essential oils. Natural, non-toxic ingredients that not only smell amazing but are affordable and no nasties like in so many cleaners and air fresheners these days. The Brain Child was in charge of creating a label design and an icon that would fit such a product, stand out against the competitors and be able to be edited easily for the entire range. 


We used a sage leaf for the icon and a current arching title logo with a bold, blocky text that is simple, and effective – just like product.


I initially designed the label with the idea if a white design on a clear vinyl label, but at the eleventh hour when we tested the sample on the glass the finish wasn’t up to grade so we opted for matte black labels, happy accident? Images by Citrus & Sage

“Thank you Jade for all your help

"Rachelle, Owner"