Born Again! Eco Child Gets New Branding


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Eco Child




Established online sustainable baby retailer Eco Child got in touch with us to design their new logo. The reason for the rebranding was to keep up to date, feeling their old logo was dated and not reflecting their current branding and future direction of their business.


Working side by side with Kimberley we went through various logo icons. From round wreaths, hand drawn leafs and tree sketches, they were all beautiful but not quite hitting the mark. Sometimes you need to see a range of options before it clicks and you just know what you need, and this happened in this case.


Settling on the Australian native sprigs of Wattle, they created a wreath that sits below the logo. The classic type with a wide kerning let’s the serif font breathe.

“Wow, Eco Child just grew up! Jade this is beautiful and it continues to grow on me every time I look at them. It’s really refined and clean –  yet still very warm and “nurturing” – that’s what I feel when I look at it anyway :)”

"Kimberley Fisher, Owner"